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Precious tours Africa is a tourism entity that promotes African travel and tourism with positive elements that conserve the environment, enhance social welfare and sustainability of the local communities.

Our Mission

To show case the best of Africa, with positive elements that perpetuate social welfare, sustainable development and livelihood of the locals and Vulnerable communities.

  • Machision Falls
  • Lofoi Falls, DRC
  • Lake Victoria Sun Set
  • Authentic Art and Craft
    Authentic Art and Craft

    We are promoting a fair trade mission, marketing products specifically hand curved Art and Crafts made by local individuals and groups from poverty impoverished communities, to help enhance lives of the indigenous skillful and unrepresented individuals. This is a tool to promote culture and create an opportunity for vulnerable individuals to earn an income from their valuable skills and labor.

  • Community Out reach and Social Development
    Community Out reach and Social Development

    We are promoting responsible tourism for sustainability and joining hands towards Environmental Justice. We believe that Nature conservation is one way to combat climate changes which is a threat to our generation. Our goal is to create awareness through information exchange, culture Education and Community sensitization with relevant programs that appeal to both foreign tourists and local people.

  • Tours4Africa

    TOURS4AFRICA is one of our affiliate partners in sustainable development and responsible toursim.

    The term Tours4Africa simply means giving back to local communities. Reaching out with love and compassion to communities in need trough purposeful travel.

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  • Adventure Tours, Safaris and Regions.
    Adventure Tours, Safaris and Regions.

    We work with local tour operators and promote the most popular safaris in the following regions and encourage clients to make customized tours from these popular safaris according to their preference. We try to partner with companies that believe in our mission.

Chimpanze Tours

Chimpanze 3 day safari in Uganda, fortportal
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Birding trip

Bird watching in Entebbe botanical gardens
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Masai Mara

Africa's big predators in abundance
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At the foot of snow capped, mt Kilimanjaro.
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Ballon Safaris

Probably the most beautiful balloon flight in the world.
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Gorilla safaris

Top hubs for tracking down the endangered gorillas
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The wonders of africa